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Six things your solar supplier should stock-

Renewable energy is one of the biggest growth industries in the country and hence there are a growing number of solar suppliers popping up in the marketplace.

Whilst for some, taking the plunge into renewable and sustainable energy seems like a big step, once you make the plunge you will find it is really a very simple, not to mention rewarding experience.

Here are six things that your solar supplier should stock which will tell you if they are a serious and reliable retailer for you to give your energy business to.

Mounting frames-

It makes sense. Afterall, you can’t start harnessing renewable and cost-effective energy without panels, and you can’t install a panel without a panel mounting bracket.

Your solar supplier should stock a range of panel mounting brackets including rail tilt legs, quick and easy to install DIY kits, and individual pole mounts.


Solar supplier

Now you’ve got your mounting frames sorted out, it is time to buy some panels. So whether you need thin film flexi panels, mono or poly crystalline panels, or commercial or residential size panels, be sure that your solar supplier has a vast range of stock so that you can customize your power harnessing to your needs.

Deep cycle batteries-

Whether you are looking to use solar power for your caravan, motorhome, a remote communications station, entry gates, lighting or for a comprehensive off the grid self sufficient system, a quality deep cycle battery is going to be essential to your needs.

Your solar supplier should stock a good size range of batteries that are durable, long lasting, and able to stand up to the rigours of working in high temperature, outdoor environments.

Lithium batteries-

Lithium batteries are roughly half the weight of traditional lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries making them ideal for caravans and campers that are running off a solar system.

Your solar supplier should stock a range of lightweight, long life lithium batteries.

Given their ability to deep discharge, they give you more power and longer life per cell.

Also be sure to check out lithium batteries with Bluetooth monitoring capabilities that are in stock at your chosen provider’s company.


An inverter is a type of electrical converter that converts direct current into frequency converting alternating current so that it can be fed back into an electrical grid.

They can be found in both 12 and 24 volt and come in a range of different styles and sizes that utilize the latest technology and software applications, and many come ready and easy to install.
Your solar supplier should not only stock a range of invertors, but also be able to help you out with advice on installation.

Inverter chargers-

Available in both 12 and 24 volts, an inverter charger is your solution for a reliable and continuous back up power source.

They generally come with a two-way function. In inverter mode, they can be used like a typical inverter, converting DC current to AC current for your appliances. In charger mode they can redirect incoming AC power, back into DC power to charge your battery. Most inverter chargers on the market will also be able to pass on an AC current directly to your appliance whilst simultaneously supplying charge.

Your solar supplier should stock a range of inverter chargers to meet your needs as well as all the other products we have listed above.

Hopefully this list has helped you select your solar supplier so you can get started making the most of your renewable energy system today.

Signs That you Need to Call Blocked Drains Plumber Canberra

Blocked drains in a household can be quite a frustrating experience. This is especially true when you live alone and lack the tools or skills to diagnose and solve the issue. In most cases, clogged sinks are possible to unclog by yourself with the help of different methods. Some sinks may prove to be too difficult to unblock and leave them to work as they should.

Simple DIY methods like plunging or clearing the pipe may suffice. If they don’t work, you will need to call in an expert in that area. In this article, we are discussing the signs that you may need a blocked drains plumber Canberra.

If home cleaning products are not working

When you experience blocked drains, you first need to figure out how to unblock the sink with the items you have at home. Most of the time, you turn to the internet to see if you have the items or need to get them from a nearby store. These cleaning agents are just a quick fix for the problem so that you can enjoy the rest of your activities at home.

Even after using unblocking agents from the store, the problem persists. These items are usually ideal for smaller blocks and tasks. For starters, you should not continue emptying the agents in the blocked drains as it could worsen the situation. Next, you need to call the blocked drains plumber Canberra to come and fix the problem for you. Doing so prevents you from wasting your money on items that work temporarily or don’t work at all.

When plunging doesn’t work

Blocked drains plumber Canberra
Plumber hands with a wrench. Plumbing renovation background.

Again, you are trying your best to get rid of the blocking issue, and so you try the first possible solution to the problem. Plunging involves using a plunger to suck out the object obstructing the sink. When performed correctly, plunging can produce fast results and let you continue using your sink or bathroom as before. However, when you have tried this method, and it is not working, it’s time to call in a blocked drains plumber Canberra.

A blocked drains plumber Canberra will work professionally to fix the issue. The plumber will first find the problem and offer the best possible solution. Sometimes using a plunger makes things worse in the sinks. A professional will know the right tools to fix the issue and even advise you on what to avoid to prevent the same from happening.

When you have used many unclogging tools but the issue persists

Having clogged sinks for even a day is not pleasant. That is why you will have to try every possible way to fix the problem before involving the professionals. However, every method you try seems not to bear fruits.

After trying the unblocking solutions, plungers, and wire pipe cleaners, among others, and nothing seems to work, a blocked drains plumber is the best solution. These tools can be causing more damage to the sinks that you are not aware of. To prevent further damage, it is best to call in that blocked drains plumber Canberra to fix the issue.

If the blockage starts to produce a foul smell

Nothing throws away a good mood and appetite like a foul smell from the sinks. When it comes to this, there is no denying that a blocked drains plumber Canberra is necessary. Bad smells greatly affect the quality of life in a household and need to be dealt with as soon as possible.


Fixing small issues at home can be easy until they are no longer self-fixable. This is when you call in a professional to come and assess the problem and provide a possible long-lasting solution. A blocked drains plumber Canberra is ideal for improving the way of life in various households. Feel free to contact one when faced with such difficulties at home or in the office.

How Does Aged Care Financial Planning Work in Real Terms?

It is easy to talk about aged care financial planning in abstract terms. Making a change to a facility or at-home program is important to make for elderly citizens, but how do they go about managing their money and financing these provisions in the most practical of terms?

Specialists Are Consulted

In real terms, elderly citizens will look to follow through on their aged care financial planning agenda by having conversations with professional consultants. Even if it is for one or two appointments, these talks allow participants to see what is available to them with aged care facilities and at-home support programs. Given their resources, experience and expertise on the topic, they are able to open up a number of potential solutions while assessing the merits of various moves. If there is some doubt or hesitancy about the type of recommendations they are offering, then other agencies will be available to offer second and third opinions on the subject.

Financial Positions Are Examined

In order for men and women to work through aged care financial planning, they need to take stock of the money they have available and where their assets are located. From savings accounts and superannuation to property ownership, stocks, business interests and other elements that comprise a portfolio, individuals need to consider what money they have available and what the cost of ongoing services will require. This will likely occur with accountants, agents, consultants and trusted personal contacts who can offer insights into what is viable and sustainable moving forward.

Public & Private Policies Are Assessed

Aged care financial planning

The engagement with aged care financial planning is not always a static exercise. Given the change in policies from government and the different level of opportunity from private outlets, the options that citizens can take will alternate year on year. This will often apply to the means test exercise where clients are assessed according to their medical and lifestyle requirements, adapting their ongoing needs accordingly. Rather than make assumptions about what is possible given the experiences of others in the past, it is important to analyse what the standing happens to be in the current climate.

Timetables Are Established

Men and women who are taking note of aged care financial planning tactics will clearly be thinking about what the timetable looks like and what will be involved on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It may very well take a month or two to examine opportunities and to put the building blocks in place for a transition. The actual move or switch of circumstances will require a further time period before it begins to work, establishing rapport with providers across a range of categories. The more that is understood ahead of time with scheduling, the less stress that is experienced by the client.

Discussions Held With Family Members & Trusted Contacts

It is impossible to think that people will be reflecting on their aged care financial planning approach without having talks with others that they love and trust. From partners and close family members to trusted friends, the practical option in this setting is to enjoy positive talks with them and take their feedback onboard. Even if they do not work with their recommendations, it is worthwhile seeing what they believe is a sound strategy with the individual’s best interests at heart.

Decisions Are Never Rushed

In the most practical of terms possible, planning for an aged care transition cannot be a decision made on a whim. Aged care financial planning should never be rushed because there are a lot of moving parts and changing circumstances. By approaching outlets and specialists early in the piece, it is easy to establish what is viable in the immediate term and how opportunities can be leveraged in due course.

Buying Bongs Online – How To Ensure You Get A Product That’s Right For You

Decided to start buying your bongs online? Read this first.

While this can certainly be a great way to save money and gain access to designs that you might not have otherwise been able to purchase, it’s important to have all the facts before you hit the add to cart button. These types of items can often be hard (and expensive) to return, so you want to ensure that you order exactly what you want the first time around. These tips are designed to help you do exactly that (and stay safe) while you shop online.

Decide On The Type You Want Before You Go Hunting

There are a surprising amount of bongs online to choose from and if you haven’t decided what you’re after before you start hunting, it can be very easy to fall down a rabbit hole. This could lead to spending way more money than you intended upon or spending absolutely none at all (and therefore not fulfilling your needs) as you’ve gotten lost in the sea of bongs online and been rendered unable to make a choice.

Be Sure Of Measurements

Online shopping is great in many ways, but one way that it often falls flat on is sizing. While this is generally an issue faced by those hunting a new wardrobe, you can also run into issues when buying bongs online. It’s an unfortunate fact that imagery can be misleading. This isn’t always the fault of the seller, (although some can post deliberately misleading photographs) but it can certainly cause disappointment when your package arrives. To avoid this, make sure that you always check dimensions before adding anything to your cart and preferably run a size filter while hunting so that you don’t fall in love with an item that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Always Check For Legal Issues

Buying bongs online

When buying bongs online it is crucial that you check for any legal issues that may arise before completing your purchase. Just because buying bongs online is legal in your area, does not necessarily mean that it will be legal in all locations that your package must pass through to get to you and you could be leaving yourself open to losing your package or even facing jail time in a worst case scenario.

Don’t Forget About Customs

Even if it is legal for you to buy and receive bongs online, customs charges will still need to be factored in when making your purchase. Glass and other materials can be prohibited in some areas and you will face additional charges if this is the case with any customs ports that your package passes through. These can add up quickly and although it’s cheap to buy bongs online, you need to look at the total cost before checking out.

Factor In Shipping

When buying bongs online shipping is one important factor that often isn’t looked at as closely as it should be. While shipping times are obviously important, you’ll also want to look at how everything will be packaged and what hygiene standards will be adhered to during transit. When purchasing in store, you’re able to ensure that your newest belonging is carefully transported to your home but when buying bongs online, your purchase is at the mercy of shipping companies. To avoid disappointment, always check that your items will be packed securely and shipped with insurance.

Now that you’re armed with these important factors to check before checking out, all that’s left to do is decide on what style you’d like, and go hunting bongs online.

Tips for buying real estate in Wagga Wagga

If you’re planning to buy real estate in Wagga Wagga then you may find the property market perplexing and intimidating. Buying a house is exciting, but it can also be very daunting!

Before purchasing a house, friends, family, and co-workers might all give you conflicting advice on what you need to know, but don’t get stressed. It’s not as hard as it often sounds. Here are a few things you should know before purchasing a property.

Establish your budget

It’s thrilling to purchase a house, but it’s crucial to figure out how much money you have available before you begin looking for a new place to live.

This includes the amount of money you have saved for a down payment, stamp duty, fees, and the repayments on your mortgage.

When looking for real estate in Wagga Wagga, it’s important to keep your budget in mind to minimise disappointment or pressure.

Get pre-approval

To avoid financial disaster, make sure your money and savings objectives are in line. Getting a jump on your savings is critical.

When it comes time to purchase a house, the sooner you get started, the better off you’ll be. If you don’t have your finances in order before you start looking for a property, you might lose out on a great deal – pre-approval can help you to prepare properly.

Find out if you’re eligible for government subsidies

Being abreast of the newest government programmes and incentives might assist speed up the process of purchasing real estate in Wagga Wagga.

The First Home Owner Grant or the First Loan Deposit Scheme may be available to first-time homebuyers, as well as other state government grants or incentives that may be available at the same time.

Make sure to check with your broker or do some research to see if there are any government programmes that might benefit you.

Know the difference between different types of mortgages

Real estate Wagga Wagga

When it comes to interest rates, know the difference between fixed and variable ones

When it comes to mortgages, no two people are the same.

A fixed rate ensures that your interest rate and repayments will not fluctuate over the period of the loan. The interest rate on a house loan with a variable rate might rise or fall at any moment, depending on the lender.

It’s important to understand the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of fixed and variable interest rates before making a decision or purchasing real estate in Wagga Wagga.

Find a mortgage broker to help you

Talking to a broker may save you a lot of time and headaches when it comes to finding the correct mortgage for you.

To save time and money, they function as an intermediary between you and the bank or lender and can explain home loan jargon like fixed and variable rates and government incentives to you.

Once they know what your financial situation is, they’ll sit down with you and figure out what you need.

Before you acquire a real estate in Wagga Wagga, think about how you’ll be able to sell it.

When you begin looking at open houses, remember to think of them as an investment, as well as a place where you could one day make your home. Consider whether or not the house’s characteristics appeal to you as a potential buyer. In addition, if you decide to downsize or migrate in the future, you’ll be more likely to obtain a reasonable deal when you do so.

Always have a counter-offer ready to go

Whether you’re looking for a new home or already have one in mind, it’s critical to make an offer early and boldly.

What you need to know about getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney

Eyebrows have become one of the most popular cosmetic trends among women throughout the globe, but drawing a perfect arch every time may be time-consuming and unpleasant. As a consequence, more women are opting to get an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney as a quick and convenient way to maintain their appearance.

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow method that uses natural pigments to produce hair-like strokes for naturally fuller brows. Additionally, ladies who have had hair loss as a result of any ailment have found this to be a great advantage.

Here are a few things to consider before rushing to arrange your appointment for an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney.

Be prepared

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s always a good idea to do some research online. Look for an artist whose technique you’re enamoured with and who has been properly trained. This procedure is minimally painful, minimally invasive, and long-lasting in the hands of a good microblading specialist. Consider your allergies as well; if you still feel uneasy after reading about getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney, take it as a warning that you aren’t ready to have one.

In order to get the most out of your pre-procedure meeting with a microblading specialist, you should write down all of your questions and concerns. Writing down your questions and concerns ahead of time can ensure that you don’t leave anything unanswered during the meeting.

Make an appointment ahead of time

Eyebrow tattoo Sydney

Most estheticians need consultations with their customers before to the treatment and a test-drawing of the new brow shape, so it’s a good idea to talk to your artist before diving in.

If you have any concerns about pricing, procedure, or aftercare, a consult is the best place for you to have them answered. On an oilier skin type, it lasts for six months before beginning to fade.

Permanent vs semi-permanent

You should know when getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney, there are two options. Permanent options are injected more deeply and are permanent, but when ink fades, it takes on an unnatural blue-green tint that seems like it was painted on. To achieve a more natural appearance, the pigment used in microblading is meant to fade into a lighter shade.

Any tattoo will stay longer if care is taken and a good face skin regimen is followed (cleanser and moisturiser are essential). Sun exposure, skin type, and tattoo application method all have a role in how long the ink will remain.

Getting a tattoo on your eyebrows is uncomfortable

When you get an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney, you should know that whilst it’s not extremely painful, it doesn’t tickle! The delicate skin in the brow region makes the discomfort more noticeable. Clients may, however, be offered the choice of numbing the procedure. However, the skin may become ‘buttery’ as a result of this treatment, making it more difficult to work on.

In addition to the discomfort, the healing process for an eyebrow tattoo is lengthy. Your tattoo should not be touched, picked, or exposed to cosmetics or perspiration while it is healing, just like a conventional injury. Ask your esthetician if there are any further steps you should take after your treatment.

There will be some variation in the shape of the eyebrows

Even natural brows don’t look the same, so it’s normal for each brow tattoo to be a little different. Remember that your arches won’t be exactly the same as someone else’s. After microblading, it’s common to feel self-conscious about your tatted-up brows. For a while, you’ll notice that your hair is darker, bolder, and sharper, but these characteristics will fade as your body heals. In order to adjust to your new look, patience is essential.

Why Should You Get Advice About Litigation Lawyers In Sydney?

When it comes to having good legal representation on your side, having a professional is key to a winning case. With litigation lawyers in Sydney, you can see that they will be able to help you with whatever your issue may be. No matter the situation or case it is important to have guidance with every step of the way with litigation lawyers in Sydney. From divorces, fraud, child custody, and many other kinds of cases, having a professional is highly important to get a good result for your particular issue. Here are the tell-tale reasons you should hire litigation lawyers in Sydney.

Importance Of Litigation Lawyers In Sydney

1# Reliability

Litigation lawyers in Sydney are the best people to go to when it comes to a legal matter. By having someone to rely on, you can find that these professionals on board will allow you to know you have someone guiding you along the way. You can be assured that by having litigation lawyers in Sydney, they will help you with filing documents, gathering evidence, the right contacts, to make sure you have a winning case. You can rely on these experts to help with your specific situation, knowing you are in good hands.

2# Expertise

Sydney litigation lawyers

These legal professionals have dedicated their lives to the field, making them the finest people to go when it comes to your particular situation. Litigation Lawyers in Sydney spent years in a degree prior to their legal education to get the practice to know how to study and work on cases. In their legal degree, they have taken work experience in order to assist their training. Because of this, they have well rounded qualifications that ensure that they can help on any case possible. No matter the situation, litigation lawyers in Sydney have the knowledge, the experience, and the connections to know the best strategy for your particular situation.

3# Guarantees

You are guaranteed an award-winning case when it comes to hiring litigation lawyers in Sydney. They have gone through many of the same cases to know the protocol in doing a legal procedure ranging from a divorce to a child custody case. You can be sure that you have a professional who knows just how to carry on your particular situation, knowing what’s the right files to send off, the right list of evidence to gather, and how to go on with your case.

4# Clarity

You can gain more understanding and knowledge as to the legal protocol and the next steps after a case has been done. As your litigation lawyers in Sydney have gone through dozens of similar situations, they’ll have the best clear advice and tools to ensure that you will have a positive end result. You can expect that with you’ll have a better grasp of how to handle the aftermath of your legal situation. By having professionals on your side, you’ll also know what to do and you’ll feel more confident in your situation.

In conclusion

Litigation Lawyers in Sydney are the best go-to professionals when it comes to a particular legal situation. You can see that these experts will allow you to have a good outcome when it comes to your particular situation. They are the people to rely on for a case with their incredible list of experience and education. They can allow you to a clearer understanding of any legal advice you may have and what the next steps are post-case. All in all, with these professionals at your side you’ll feel at ease knowing you’ve got someone on the case.

3 Major Reasons To Hire A Wasp Exterminator

Summertime is the worst time for pests and insects, as the heat boils this causes more and more bugs to infiltrate your home. This is especially an issue when it comes to mosquitoes, moths, and many other kinds of earth eaters. When the bug infestation becomes a problem, this happens when a nest develops in your home. If you have difficulty with the number of bugs bugging you, a wasp exterminator is the best professional in case of an emergency. Today, we are going to tell you the many reasons to hire a wasp exterminator and how to let it fly.

Why Should Hire A Wasp Exterminator?

1# Equipment

One of the most important qualities of a wasp exterminator is that they have professional and top-tier gear when it comes to removing the pests from your property. With their specific gear, they have the training to know how to safely and effectively use the tools in order to get rid of the nest. With their range of tools, they’ll know just what to do in any particular circumstance in order to get the job done and done well. In addition to equipment, the wasp exterminator will personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to know how to protectively eliminate the nest without any risk of danger from occurring. Risks that could occur include being stung by the insect, which can cause tremendous pain to anyone who was to get the sting. It is important to easily do the job justice, ensuring that your home will be free right away.

2# Professionalism

Hire wasp exterminator

When it comes to the wasp exterminator, they know just what to do when it comes to removing the nest. They have years and years of experience and training to be able to deal with any pests that come their way. They have worked on an array of different situations to know just what to do in relation to getting rid of the pests in an instant. Despite all the different pieces of advice, it’s important to have the training to safely and effectively get rid of the nest from your home by getting assistance from an expert. A wasp exterminator allows everyone to keep you protected from any stings from biting down your home.

3# Affordable

For those who are looking to eliminate the nest yourself, hiring a wasp exterminator is a cost-effective solution to allow you to get the job done easily. It is important to remember that while you might not have to pay for their service, you’ll have to buy adequate equipment and also have the right skill to be able to do the job. If done wrong, this could cause further issues for your home, having to pay for expertise afterward. Because of this, it is highly important to get a professional to help get the job done quickly and effectively. In addition to this, if you were to get into danger, this could lead you to go to the hospital, causing not only distress but costing you money as well. Right from your home, you can relax knowing that a wasp exterminator is attending to your nest.

In Summary

A wasp exterminator is the best go-to person to easily get rid of the nest, keeping your home free of insects and pests. They have the tools, the knowledge, and the price order to keep the home right and well. A wasp exterminator is helpful in ensuring that you and those that are residing in your home are safe and secure from any harm. Right away, you can get the job done allowing you to have your home feel safe and sound.

Why it is important that people are able to think about corporate flu shots even when there are lots of different things for people to think about

Why it is important that people are able to think about corporate flu shots even when there are lots of different things for people to think about. Yes, it is true that many adults out there will live very busy lives and they will have many different things to think about all at once. But even though this is the case, it is still important that people are able to free up some time in order to make room for some important things.

And this is very important when it comes to the workplace and when it comes to taking care of staff and making sure that they are healthy and happy. Thankfully, there are lots of different ways that people are able to go about this that are relatively easy to implement if people are willing to put aside the time. And so, this post will take a look at why it is so important for people to think about corporate flu shots.  

It is important that people are able to think about corporate flu shots as the common cold never went away

It is important that people are able to think about corporate flu shots as the common cold never went away. With so much going on in the world right now, it is very easy for people to focus on the pandemic and they don’t really have time or energy to think about anything else. But in reality, there are still lots of other things that need to be focused on so that people are able to have a happy and healthy workplace where they are able to feel like they are taken care of and safe.

For example, the common cold never went away even though when people think about getting sick lately, they will likely think about getting covid. The common cold can be quite dangerous too and at the very least, is something that will cause people to feel a bit lousy and perhaps to take more time of work than they would like to. Be this as it may, this is an important area for people to focus on when they are running a business or when they are in charge of bringing ideas such as this one to the table.   

Think about corporate flu shots

It is important that people are able to think about corporate flu shots as focusing on overall health is important

It is important that people are able to think about corporate flu shots as focusing on overall health is important. When it comes to living a long and healthy life, there isn’t one thing that people can do in order to achieve this. In fact, there are usually many different things that people have to do in combination with each other in order to make an overall impact.

For instance, people will need to eat a well balanced diet, they will need to practice self-care, and they will need to move their body every day. And in addition to taking care of themselves at home, people will also need to be able to take care of themselves at the office as this is somewhere they tend to spend a great deal of time. And this is also where people tend to come into contact with other people which means that it is important to think about what could be spread around.

5 Best British Candy To Eat For Halloween

British Candy is a beloved treat for kids all around. Especially when it comes to Halloween. To get involved in the spooky season, having sweets ranging from chocolate, lollies, and savoury snacks, are perfect to satisfy any craving that you may have. For those with a sweet tooth, we’re going to list out the top 5 British candy brands to have in your home to celebrate Halloween. Let’s open up the wrapper and see what’s in store today!

5 Best British Candy To Eat For Halloween

1# Galaxy

Galaxy is one of the finest British candy brands out there serving as the base for some of the best chocolates in the UK. These chocolates include Mars Bars, Malteasers, and many other wonderful treats. Its simplistic and velvety taste melts in your mouth to create a sensation for anyone looking to have a sweet flavour to eat. For those who are chocolate fiends, look no further than this wonderful tasty treat. This form of British candy has a range of flavours to choose from, even recently including a vegan range for anyone wanting to enjoy your meal without the dairy. Galaxy provides lovely chocolate that everyone can enjoy, allowing everyone in the family to get involved.

2# Lion Bar

For a treat that has a little bit more of a roar, the Lion Bar is the quintessential snack to have in order to have a good time. From its nutty taste, its jampacked lawyers, and its overall lovely flavour, you can see why more and more people are making the switch to the Lion bar for British candy. Similar to Australia’s candy, Picnic it’s log-like appearance makes you feel satisfied knowing all your sweet tooth cravings have been fulfilled. The Lion Bar is the finest British candy to call yours, knowing that you have a sweet treat that just does the job justice.

3# Malteasers

Halloween British candy

Here’s the classic sweet treat that’s perfect for the cinemas. Malteasers is one of the most popular of the British candy range offering lovely smooth texture with a centre that has just a bit of crunch. There are many reasons why it’s a staple in the confectionary world. This is because it’s bite-size making it easy to consume and take a bite of. Perfect addition to your popcorn, Malteasers are great for having a nice treat that is light, packed with a punch but is not too overwhelming.

4# Jelly Babies

Jelly babies are a classic British candy that just screams childhood. If you were fan of the class cult fan favourite Dr. Who, you should be familiar with this treat which is known to be placed in a white paper bag that many doctors in the United Kingdom like to give out. Although there are many kinds of baby-themed lollies, it seems that jelly babies are here to stay even making being popularised in the current confectionary selection. The sugary sweets have texture that is reminiscent to jellies with multiple colours that represent different and distinct flavours. The classic treat of jelly babies include the blackcurrant flavour, given by every teacher or doctor in the UK.

5# Licorice

Last on the list of the best British candy, Licorice is the one to go to. It provides a nice subtle taste with a slight bit of personality. When it comes to this treat, you can expect that it will definitely lift your spirits in the best way possible. For those who need a bit of kick during the day, you can rely on British candy to do the job justice. =