Tips To Complimenting Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Signing up for a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is perfect for those travellers who want to explore what the United States of America has to offer outside the dense metropolitan cities.

Of course New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans and Houston all have their own unique appeal, but an adventure out to the realms of the Arizona Desert is ideal for participants of all interests, persuasions and backgrounds.

Whilst the ride is a ton of fun to fly thousands of feet in the air to drink in the stunning sights of this picturesque landscape, thrill seekers can get even more out of their placement by complimenting some additional activities.

Here we will look at what some of those activities could be as singles, families and friends maximise their opportunity around one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Havasu Falls

No that is not a mirage. The Havasu Falls is one of the most stunning desert oasis pictures of its type anywhere in the world. As travellers find the location just south of the National Park a short distance from their Grand Canyon helicopter ride, this is a hiking adventure that will lead directly to the crystal blue waters. It is a sight to behold amid a landscape that is baron with water reserves until a visit to the Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Indian Reservation.


Grand Canyon Village

grand canyon

The Grand Canyon helicopter ride is often a means of transport to visit what the National Park has to offer. To reach that destination, travellers will have to go through the iconic Grand Canyon Village. This happens to be one of the best vantage points to see the landmark but happens to be home to the vintage Railway Depot and completed by authentic Native American souvenirs and keepsakes that visitors will truly cherish.


Colorado River Rafting

Getting a whitewater experience that will get participants as wet as they will excited could be just the tonic to compliment a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. Travellers who are up for some high-octane adventure would be well suited to registering a place with these programs. They can take a day trip with the Hualapai River Runners and across the rough waters of Lake Mead where the tranquil natural setting takes a back seat to rushing waters and fast movements that will test even the keenest rafter. Not an experience for the faint of heart.


Bright Angel Trail

A 6-mile steep journey along the Bright Angel Trail is a perfect way to compliment a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. The Bright Angel Lodge is the starting point as the end point destination of Plateau Point will encompass some magnificent scenes of the nearby river. Taking a mule across this trail will give participants a chance to get in tune with Mother Nature and soak in what the taxing ride is all about. There are suitable stop off points along the way for those riding under the stars.


Bearizona Wildlife Park

No Grand Canyon helicopter ride is complete without a stop by to the Bearizona Wildlife Park. Whilst it can be difficult to make out any native species in the wild, this is an environment where you can see exactly who calls this land home. From American burros to Alaskan Dall sheep, Rocky Mountain goats, white bison, tundra wolves and of course black bears, it is true what the park says when they proclaim they are “bringing the wild back to the west.” Visitors can plan their own adventure, check out the birds of prey shows, drive through the park with their own vehicle, walk the trails, speak with the experts and enjoy accommodation lodgings close by.



We have barely touched the surface for activities that will compliment a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. For participants leaving their destination in Arizona, Colorado or Las Vegas, there will be limitless opportunities to book and reserve placements with these programs. They will cater to young thrill seekers and young families to retirees that want to relax and find a secluded location to wind down.