5 Best British Candy To Eat For Halloween

5 Best British Candy To Eat For Halloween

British Candy is a beloved treat for kids all around. Especially when it comes to Halloween. To get involved in the spooky season, having sweets ranging from chocolate, lollies, and savoury snacks, are perfect to satisfy any craving that you may have. For those with a sweet tooth, we’re going to list out the top 5 British candy brands to have in your home to celebrate Halloween. Let’s open up the wrapper and see what’s in store today!

5 Best British Candy To Eat For Halloween

1# Galaxy

Galaxy is one of the finest British candy brands out there serving as the base for some of the best chocolates in the UK. These chocolates include Mars Bars, Malteasers, and many other wonderful treats. Its simplistic and velvety taste melts in your mouth to create a sensation for anyone looking to have a sweet flavour to eat. For those who are chocolate fiends, look no further than this wonderful tasty treat. This form of British candy has a range of flavours to choose from, even recently including a vegan range for anyone wanting to enjoy your meal without the dairy. Galaxy provides lovely chocolate that everyone can enjoy, allowing everyone in the family to get involved.

2# Lion Bar

For a treat that has a little bit more of a roar, the Lion Bar is the quintessential snack to have in order to have a good time. From its nutty taste, its jampacked lawyers, and its overall lovely flavour, you can see why more and more people are making the switch to the Lion bar for British candy. Similar to Australia’s candy, Picnic it’s log-like appearance makes you feel satisfied knowing all your sweet tooth cravings have been fulfilled. The Lion Bar is the finest British candy to call yours, knowing that you have a sweet treat that just does the job justice.

3# Malteasers

Halloween British candy

Here’s the classic sweet treat that’s perfect for the cinemas. Malteasers is one of the most popular of the British candy range offering lovely smooth texture with a centre that has just a bit of crunch. There are many reasons why it’s a staple in the confectionary world. This is because it’s bite-size making it easy to consume and take a bite of. Perfect addition to your popcorn, Malteasers are great for having a nice treat that is light, packed with a punch but is not too overwhelming.

4# Jelly Babies

Jelly babies are a classic British candy that just screams childhood. If you were fan of the class cult fan favourite Dr. Who, you should be familiar with this treat which is known to be placed in a white paper bag that many doctors in the United Kingdom like to give out. Although there are many kinds of baby-themed lollies, it seems that jelly babies are here to stay even making being popularised in the current confectionary selection. The sugary sweets have texture that is reminiscent to jellies with multiple colours that represent different and distinct flavours. The classic treat of jelly babies include the blackcurrant flavour, given by every teacher or doctor in the UK.

5# Licorice

Last on the list of the best British candy, Licorice is the one to go to. It provides a nice subtle taste with a slight bit of personality. When it comes to this treat, you can expect that it will definitely lift your spirits in the best way possible. For those who need a bit of kick during the day, you can rely on British candy to do the job justice. =