man and his colleagues attending online team building activities

6 Incredibly Useful Online Team Building Activities For The Modern Workplace

Now more than ever, there is an intrinsic need for healthy camaraderie and cohesion in a continuously fractured working environment, this need is being fulfilled by an impressive array of online team building activities. This year notwithstanding, there has been a steady change in the workplace dynamic towards a less conventional landscape. With offices being split and divided into city-based locales, a more accelerated propensity for working from home and the general diffusion of the traditional 9-5 arrangement in various corporate fields.

While this dynamic shift has been welcomed by a vast majority of workplaces touting the shift in times and locations to be beneficial for the modern working and living schedule. There have been a few drawbacks as a result. Most notably in the tight-knit relationship that often buds amongst close-quarters workplaces where a unified morale and camaraderie often shapes and enhances the work ethic if kept in proper check.

Online team building activities have been developed as a response to the ever-increasing new dynamic of workplaces and have seen various levels of success across the board.

While some online team building activities have not hit the ground running as smoothly as anticipated. There are a few such exercises that have been truly embraced by workplaces and we’ve boiled down our 6 favourite online team building activities for your perusal and consideration.

1.   Internet Card Games

One of the most common and effective online team building activities out there are the ridiculous array of virtual card games that exist. Bringing everyone together for a set time every week to skype or zoom in and play a feew rounds of a game that everyone knows builds up a good and hearty dynamic.

Playing games that everyone knows will allow for a more free-flowing and enjoyable experience and is surely one of the more popular online team building activities out there.

2.   Trivial Pursuit

Speaking of games that everyone knows, online team building activities like trivia contests or trivial pursuit are extremely useful in bringing people together as well as having a bit of a competitive edge to keep it interesting. The trivia questions alone make it a worthwhile engagement and there are options to make it themed from week to week to keep everything fresh.

3.   Tour My House

As far as online team building activities go, this is certainly made for remote offices. In the same style as MTV’s Cribs, this game would allow each person to give a virtual tour of their home, bringing people together by sharing a few aspects of their home lives with one another.

4.   2 Truths & A Lie

Funnily enough, classic party games are also very effective online team building activities as well. This particular one has the added advantage of being a top notch icebreaker for new employees as well as a casual engagement that allows a group to learn more personal details about each other which would typically happen in a classic office setting.

5.   Meme My Life

One of our easy and free online team building activities is Meme My Life, which can be played in any given chat-based setup for the office. It simply involves people in the group responding to a situation or boiling down their current day with the creative use of a meme. Fun, free and brings a wholesome dynamic to the table.

6.   Virtual Escape Room

Viintage golden keys and unlocked padlock on a rusty metal background, escape game room concept

Our sixth and final entry for online team building activities is the virtual escape room. While the physical ones enable a little more practicality in the execution. The virtual varieties also have their fair share of problem solving and camaraderie laden hijinks associated with them. Allowing people to band together and figure out complex clues and puzzles in a fun and unique manner.