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6 User-Friendly Tips for Crafting Online Wedding Invitations

There are so many benefits for couples who decide that online wedding invitations are the right option for them.

With 2020 being the year of digital communication, this is a selection that helps to reduce costs, save time, help the planet, track invite openings and responses, as well as enjoying an experience that is definitely more stress-free.

It is one thing to acknowledge the benefits of digital invitations, but it is another skill to oversee this project with ease and efficiency.

To avoid that stressful clamour where costs escalate and time begins to become unmanageable, we have outlined 6 tips that will help to provide quality control and results for couples.

1) Confirming the Email Recipient List

The confusion and complications involved with online wedding invitations can exacerbate when there is a lack of clarity on the email recipient list. In a majority of cases this will remain 100% consistent from the save the date card to the actual invitation, providing a smooth transition from one item to the next. Men and women who have to come back to the design and source new copies for late recipients can experience that anxiety that they are always looking to avoid. Confirm the list and ensure that it is set in stone prior to being sent 6-8 weeks prior to the ceremony.

2) Take Advantage of Free Template Designs

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These digital invitations open an entire world of possibility, but so often couples will attempt the improbable of crafting their own creation from scratch. This is achievable if they decide the outsource the project or have an education in digital design, but opting for the easy DIY approach becomes complex without the aid of free templates. It is an efficient and cost-friendly method that allows the couple to utilise all types of styles, colours, themes and fonts.

3) Embrace a Consistent Theme & Style

From a destination theme to a seasonal theme or something that is modern or traditional, couples can save themselves a lot of hassle with the creation of online wedding invitations if they stick to a consistent pattern. This will allow the creative choices to be more straightforward, cutting down the range of options for fonts, colours, backgrounds and digital pop-up features. There is room for experimentation, but not as a means of extending the task for hours on end.

4) Stick to the Key Details

One of the great ways not be overwhelmed by the creation of online wedding invitations is understanding the relevant information that recipients need to know. By designing these specified parameters for the task, there will be less stress and ambiguity involved in the project. Stick to the mandatory details only: name of the couple, extending the invite, name of the location, date and time of ceremony, and any accommodation details. The RSVP element can be handled elsewhere to save on space.

5) Understand that Social Media is Your Friend

That elsewhere with online wedding invitations regarding the RSVP can be found on social media channels. From closed Instagram accounts to dedicated Facebook pages, these locations are ideal for outlining the wedding details in greater depth. This allows the communication channels to be opened and to extend on anything that was stipulated with the digital card.

6) Don’t be Frightened to Seek Assistance

The good news for couples who might feel like the DIY approach to online wedding invitations is too steep a mountain to climb, there are specialists in this industry who can offer project quotes and advice about what to do. With a  background in invitation design and production, they will have the right software application tools and mechanisms to craft something truly special, alleviating the pressure in the meantime. Yet for those who are working on a far tighter budget, bringing some friends or family members into the mix can be just as effective. 

The benefit for couples sticking to these strategies with online wedding invitations is that they can manage their time and money to perfection. Follow these tips as a guide and run a check of some examples to get a better picture for the project.