Facts On The Criminal Justice System In The U.S.A

  1. Conviction of the innocent is regular –

Research shows that an estimate as high as 2.3 to 5 percent of the total prisoners in the U.S have been convicted wrongly.  That is, an approximate of 46000 innocent people being put behind bars. In other words, 1 of every 25 people is being sentenced for a crime they didn’t commit.


  1. The testimony of an eyewitness doesn’t hold much weightage –


Although eyewitnesses are necessary to hold up a case in court, it is not the most significant deciding factor for the verdict. This is so because eyewitnesses can easily be manipulated into citing whatever they are told to.


  1. Forensic is not full proof –

Today, the whole process of testing and analyzing the DNA is considered one of the most reliable forensic tool. But in many cases DNA samples and other scientific evidence have been tampered with, thereby resulting in manipulated results.

not proof


  1. The innocent sometimes confess to crimes not committed –

It is human nature to admit to things, regardless of whether they do it or not when intimidated. Sometimes coercion can get the best of us. When you are locked up in the prison cell and abused both verbally and physically, you give in to avoid further torture. A large number of people in prison undergo this deception, and this ends in long years of jail for no fault of theirs except for giving in to the pressure of the authorities.


  1. Ignorance of the law is used as an excuse

Year after year a number of laws have been passed without much awareness about any of them, thereby keeping most people in the dark. Many times, ignorance of the law in place can land you in legal trouble that you did not intend to be in in the first place. Therefore, in cases where the defendant is charged with violating a law that was newly put in place, these individuals are given the right to assert their ignorance of the law as a defense to avoid any uncalled for punishment.



  1. Insanity is not always a safe ground –

Insanity and mental disturbances have almost always been an excuse to get out of otherwise definitely punishable offenses. However, as per studies, the insanity defense is used in less than 1% of all the court cases and also when used, it has a success rate of only 26%. Defeating a criminal charge by using self-proclaimed insanity both temporary and permanent as a means to get yourself out of trouble is quite a typical story line in most of the American soap operas. However, when it comes to real-world scenarios I instead you opt to plea bargain.

Home Improvement

Cheap Home Improvement Hacks

  1. Refurbish Leather –

While leather can be quite ravishing when you newly purchase it, it is not quite a sit when it starts wearing out. Although there isn’t much you can do to prevent the wearing out of this material you can try and refurbish it to some extent. So when your leather couch or chair begins showing scuff marks get rid of them by rubbing them using a simple pencil cap eraser or a regular eraser.


  1. Tub Scratches –

The enamel of the bathtubs is often prey to surface damages due to regular use. What you can do to eliminate these scratches is clean the damaged area with a cotton ball moistened using alcohol and leave it to dry.



  1. Clean up marks ( Crayon ) –

Many houses tend to have pencil and crayon marks on the walls, and especially so when there are families with children residing in the home. You can use rubber cement to covers up there marks and get back a brand new wall. Cover these marks with rubber cement and let it dry out before rolling off the rubbery glue.


  1. Turn your old carpet new –

In the case of a burnt rug, all you have to do is cut out the burnt fibers using a pair of scissors. Post this, apply rubber cement to patch up the hole using a toothpick. Then cover the ends of a matching carpet fiber using rubber cement and fill them in to the hole. Draw up the tuffs upright utilizing a pin and then once the patch is dry blend out the tuffs onto the carpet using the pin.

Squeaky stairs


  1. Squeaky stairs –

Nobody wants a squicky stair or door to annoy them and deprive them of their precious sleep. So the simplest way to put an end to a squeaky stair is to scrape pencil lead onto the seam where the flat part of the step and riser of the stair meet. This requires frequent reapplication as it will wear off quickly.


  1. Polish your suede –

Suede shoes and bags require regular maintenance to prevent stains and marks from ruining the texture. Use a simple eraser to remove any marks and stains and in addition to that also fluff up the fibers to bring it back to shape.


  1. Remove paint stains –

Paint stains are quite common in most houses. The impact is the worst when the walls are white.  For this purpose, use liquid correction to paint over any stains and marks to refurbish the wall. To further give it its original glossy finish, it is a good idea to cover this correction fluid with some clear nail polish.


  1. Crayon Fix your furniture –

Furniture such as sofa legs and others that are damaged due to scratches caused by your pet or your kids can now easily be redone using a crayon. All you need is a crayon that matches the shade of your furniture, and you need to run this over the parts that are scraped of the polishing.

Declutter Your Workspace

Things You Can Do To Declutter Your Workspace

  1. Begin with one area at a time –

Decluttering is a process, and it is vital to follow the steps to obtain the required results. Systematic cleaning is essential to get your work done easier and quicker. Start with one part of your desk or workspace and move on to the others only once you’re done with what you started.


  1. Dispose of items that are not in use –

The major issue most of us face with regard to space is that there are way too many things we possess and most of which we don’t even use anymore. Therefore it is essential to dispose of things that we no more use in order to create space for new items or things that are already existent.


  1. Declutter the real estate –


Cluttered and messy desks can contain a lot of random items scattered all over the place. Things like mail, trinkets, pens, paper notes, and various others can be found lying on your desk. Clear your office or workspace of all these unnecessary accessories and find a place elsewhere. Leave behind only those items that you use frequently.


  1. Paper is clutter –

It is a good idea to use the current slogan “Go digital” to your advantage and dispose all the unnecessary paperwork on your table. Paper documents can cause confusion and mess on your desk resulting in you not being able to find anything in the nick of time. Some things you can do with all this paper is , file it, discard it or shred it. In case you need to scan a single piece of paper, it is better to use your phone to scan it and store it. You can also use various other apps for this purpose rather than paper to avoid clutter. Additionally, always keep a shredder by your desk to help declutter regularly and keep your desk and yourself sane.


  1. Do not strive for perfection –


Not all of us are perfectly organized or clean. It takes a lot of effort on the part of some of us to even make a move to declutter and get our lives together. So it is unfair to put the burden of unrealistic expectations on yourself. So go slow and work your way through the whole process. Regardless, never procrastinate and ensure you finish the job you started. We all know things may just go back to being the same after a while, but at least you can always redo it once you start. The main reason for doing this is to give you some clarity of mind as decluttering your workspace is not just a change in your physical state but also a change in your mental state of mind.


Life Lessons For Adults To Be

  1. Don’t hesitate to admit you’re wrong –

Accepting one’s mistakes is the quality of a mature person as such a person understands the fact that nobody is perfect and it is okay to be that way.


  1. You can’t put your foot in everything –

The phase when you enter adulthood is the toughest as there are so many things that you would want to be a part of but may or may not have the time for. Adulthood is all about striking the right balance and setting your priorities straight. Explore and decide one or a select few things activities that you would like to commit to and stick to it.



  1. Don’t be under pressure to figure it all out –

Most young adults are under the impression that becoming an adult means having everything figured out and not making mistakes. Remember, you do not have to know everything or understand everything, but yes, the effort does matter, and it will make a difference.


  1. Get away from the shadow of your parents –

A significant lesson in growing up is to learn to stop living in the shadow of one’s parents. This need for independence focuses majorly on financial independence, which means earning for oneself to avoid asking their parents for funds.

shadow of your parents


  1. Failing doesn’t make you a loser –

Regardless of how heart-breaking failure can be, it is not a weakness. Failure helps you learn how to handle disappointments and work on accepting situations that don’t grant you your wish.


  1. You’re not here to please everyone –

Although adulting can be quite demanding, it is safe to say that none of us are obliged to please anybody else or work extra to get noticed.


  1. You have to engage in activities you don’t want to –

Most motivational speakers and others usually recommend going all out and reaching for the stars. But the reality is that such motivation does not prove fruitful for everyone. Most people need to go through a number of failed or not-so-great job profiles and career options to finally find the right fit.  Whatever you do, take everything to be a learning experience and cherish the memories.


  1. Ensure you make some me-time –

Being an adult can be quite an exasperating and strenuous task. So it is important to take frequent breaks to spend some quality time with yourself to bridge the gap between you and your external life. Take some time off and reconnect with your inner being by engaging in activities that interest you. Some things you can try are Meditation, swimming, outdoor sports, reading, theatre, cooking, art, and crafts, etc.


Unusual Uses Of Hypnotherapy

Well, we all have our respective notions when it comes to hypnotherapy! While a lot of us are still paranoid about it, there is the other half which is already out there, making the best use of hypnotherapy! And quite surprisingly, most of these are unusually weird! Let’s take you through some of the strangest applications of hypnotherapy, which you must not have heard till date!


Forensic hypnosis:

In extreme crime cases, where the accused is a tough nut to crack, hypnosis has often come to the rescue. Forensic hypnosis is now officially becoming a part of crime investigation departments, and it really works in cases where the crime leads are decidedly less or not existent at all. It is also used to enhance the memory of the witnesses, so that they are in a proper state of mind to narrate the incident in a better way, with all the details included.


Hypnotic Anaesthesia:


Hypnotherapy has the capacity to induce a partial or complete state of anesthesia without any medical interference! And the patient who is undergoing surgery doesn’t feel the pain at all. This is indeed a fantastic use of hypnotherapy, with the patient being under such degree of trance where he doesn’t even feel the pain of going under the knife!



Hypnosis is quite widely used to get rid of phobias. Phobias are something that we are born with or are a result of some traumatic or bad experiences. And basically, it’s all in mind, which is precisely why hypnotherapy comes in picture. The techniques of hypnotherapy are instrumental when it comes to dealing with phobias, and quite a lot of quirky phobias have successfully been got over within a few hypnotherapy sessions.


Recall memories:

Hypnotherapy can be used to recall past incidents in a very vivid manner. And past doesn’t restrict to only this lifetime – it goes way beyond – to past life! Many people have been able to recover their memories from their previous life too, isn’t it interesting? Not only this, but the people in a hypnotic trance can experience these memories, as they feel that they are consciously present in those events even now!


Bet you didn’t know most of these!