Buying Bongs Online - How To Ensure You Get A Product That's Right For You

Buying Bongs Online – How To Ensure You Get A Product That’s Right For You

Decided to start buying your bongs online? Read this first.

While this can certainly be a great way to save money and gain access to designs that you might not have otherwise been able to purchase, it’s important to have all the facts before you hit the add to cart button. These types of items can often be hard (and expensive) to return, so you want to ensure that you order exactly what you want the first time around. These tips are designed to help you do exactly that (and stay safe) while you shop online.

Decide On The Type You Want Before You Go Hunting

There are a surprising amount of bongs online to choose from and if you haven’t decided what you’re after before you start hunting, it can be very easy to fall down a rabbit hole. This could lead to spending way more money than you intended upon or spending absolutely none at all (and therefore not fulfilling your needs) as you’ve gotten lost in the sea of bongs online and been rendered unable to make a choice.

Be Sure Of Measurements

Online shopping is great in many ways, but one way that it often falls flat on is sizing. While this is generally an issue faced by those hunting a new wardrobe, you can also run into issues when buying bongs online. It’s an unfortunate fact that imagery can be misleading. This isn’t always the fault of the seller, (although some can post deliberately misleading photographs) but it can certainly cause disappointment when your package arrives. To avoid this, make sure that you always check dimensions before adding anything to your cart and preferably run a size filter while hunting so that you don’t fall in love with an item that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Always Check For Legal Issues

Buying bongs online

When buying bongs online it is crucial that you check for any legal issues that may arise before completing your purchase. Just because buying bongs online is legal in your area, does not necessarily mean that it will be legal in all locations that your package must pass through to get to you and you could be leaving yourself open to losing your package or even facing jail time in a worst case scenario.

Don’t Forget About Customs

Even if it is legal for you to buy and receive bongs online, customs charges will still need to be factored in when making your purchase. Glass and other materials can be prohibited in some areas and you will face additional charges if this is the case with any customs ports that your package passes through. These can add up quickly and although it’s cheap to buy bongs online, you need to look at the total cost before checking out.

Factor In Shipping

When buying bongs online shipping is one important factor that often isn’t looked at as closely as it should be. While shipping times are obviously important, you’ll also want to look at how everything will be packaged and what hygiene standards will be adhered to during transit. When purchasing in store, you’re able to ensure that your newest belonging is carefully transported to your home but when buying bongs online, your purchase is at the mercy of shipping companies. To avoid disappointment, always check that your items will be packed securely and shipped with insurance.

Now that you’re armed with these important factors to check before checking out, all that’s left to do is decide on what style you’d like, and go hunting bongs online.