Digital Marketing Concept

What Is Digital Marketing?

The size of the internet continues to increase every single day and the important of digital marketing has increased with it.

So what is exactly? It involves all the marketing efforts on electronic devices and includes digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and websites. Traditional methods used to involve print ads, phone communications and physical connections but more so than ever electronic and online methods are used to connect with audiences.

Digital marketing is essential for modern day businesses and brand awareness, creating a presence online is the best way to ensure that your business will be found by customers.

So what’s involved?

What do digital marketing professionals do?

Professional in the digital marketing space are usually responsible for promoting brand awareness and leads through digital channels such as social media, the company website, search engines, email, advertising and blogs.

Experts in the space often focus on difference analytics for each channel to observe performance. Online channels can be very powerful for businesses and can improve customer awareness. It’s also often far more accurate than more traditional methods as analytics show professionals exactly how effective their campaigns are.

Search engine optimisation

One of the key components of digital marketing is search engine optimisation which is the practice of trying to get websites to ‘rank’ more highly on the search engine results pages. The process aims to increase the amount of organic traffic to websites, there are a number of approaches or steps involved in trying to optimise a website, SEO is typically composed of the below:

On Page SEO

On-page optimisation focuses on improving the content that exists on the pages of websites. This often involves research keywords to find the best options based on search volume and the intent of searchers to make sure the right people are finding your website.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO practices refer to other activities which show search engines that your website is trustworthy and can increase its ranking, this often includes getting backlinks and generating external attention.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO manages the backend areas of your website, think structured data, image compressions and other things which could impact on the loading speed or other ranking factors of your website.


Two internet marketers discussing strategy

One element of digital marketing is generating content for the purposes of brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation and attracting customers. Important parts of content creation include blog posts, eBooks and whitepapers and infographics.

Social media

Social media is important for many businesses now. Social media channels are an important tool for increasing brand awareness, driving traffic and generating leads. There are different kinds of digital marketing methods when it comes to social media including paid ads and organic posts.


Another important aspect of digital marketing for many companies is communicating with customers and clients via email. Email is an excellent way of getting in direct contact with customers and promoting content, events or sales.

What are the benefits of online practices?

Having a strong presence online will help your business in many ways.

An online presence will make it easier to create awareness and engagement with your audience, it also assists with converting new buyers and creating a fan base of loyal customers, it can also be useful for word-of-mouth and sharing on social networks and helps to shorten the journey for the customer, as they can find exactly what they need, when they need it.

For almost every modern business whether they’re selling products or services, an online presence is essential and can have a great positive impact for improving business practices.