AFSS certification

All You Need To Know About AFSS Certification

AFSS certification is required by NSW Fire Rescue (NSWFR), councils, and insurance providers. This certificate is completely FPAS accredited according to Australia’s Fire Protection Association. It is required in many cases. An example is in WHS compliance. Fire incidents can be really serious so it is super important that the relevant governing bodies check building structures for fire safety compliance. We’re sure everyone agrees with that. 

In a case where the AFSS certification is needed, failure to go along with the set rules or failure to submit a copy of the AFSS certificate to the said councils timely will lead to heavy dues. These fines are usually issued out to defaulters by the authorities in charge. It may include some forms of restrictions or some form of order.

Details Of AFSS Certification

Each year, building owners have the obligation to provide Local Council as well as the Fire and Rescue NSW with an annual statement which confirms safety and security from fire. This is a statement certifying that all fire-safety implementations work as they should. The AFSS certification certifies that:

  • Every important measure that ensures safety from fire in a building was seen and inspected and found in good condition. This ensures that they can be relied upon when there is an outbreak.
  • Also, all the important measures for preventing fire in any building has properly been inspected by a good and recognised fire security practitioner. After the inspection, it must be certified safe.
  • According to AS1851, the fire and essential services must be certified compliant and updated with the designs for installation. They must have also been well tested and also maintained properly. These proper checks will ensure that they comply to the environment standards that is required in Australia.

The agency in charge can give out an order of compliance. This is an order that tells the building owner to repair or upgrade the building to a standard that is safe in case of fire incidents. As well as safe enough to prevent fire outbreak. After that, the relevant authorities will give issue a certificate that certifies that the building owner complied to the order.

The AFSS certification and fire safety statement is a detailed record of maintenance of fire safety systems in a building. Remember that it is mandated to be issued to Council. statements are not correct. 

There are 2 types of statements regarding fire safety, supplementary and yearly. The annual fire safety statements have to be done once each year consistently and should cover the support of every fundamental fire precaution and safety measure in the structure. 

The supplementary safety statement in contrast covers the maintenance of important fire safety protocols that must be carried out more frequently. The frequency could be every six months.

AFSS certification can only be provided by FPAS accredited fire service companies. The inspection and maintenance of fire safety systems should only be done by a fire service professional who will issue the AFSS certification at the end.