woman wearing a red lingerie

How Shoppers Find Quality Lingerie Sets

It is easy to be slightly apprehensive or cautious around lingerie sets.

Some women will gravitate to them for a great wardrobe addition each year while others need some more convincing in the process. 

The benefit of this industry is that there is so much variety with fabrics, styles and sizes that no one needs to feel left out or that these designs are inaccessible. 

This is a chance to discuss how shoppers find quality lingerie sets that deliver value in the short and long-term. 

Securing an Accurate Size Measurement 

Nothing gives customers more confidence with purchasing lingerie sets than securing an accurate size measurement for the item. If there is doubt or ambiguity around UK or US sized collections, then shoppers can end up with products that are too big or too small to offer a suitable fit. Don’t be afraid to speak to consultants in this regard or to simply try out a number of different size options to see what delivers a healthy fit that is in line with the body shape. 

Quality of Fabrics 

The last complication that anyone wants to encounter with lingerie sets is to see the material deteriorate and break over time. This is not an issue that relates to the customer, but speaks to the authenticity and quality of the fabric itself. The top materials in this space are often identified through Silk, Organza, Cotton Satin, Lace Satin, Lucent Satin, Jersey, Florence Net and Mulmul Muslin. For a soft delicate touch that can withstand consistent wash cycles, these are the fabric selections of choice.  

Consider Appropriate Colour Scheme 

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Women who want genuine value with their lingerie investment are advised to have a colour scheme and tone that matches their taste and adds a quality addition to their wardrobe. From cool and dark colours that add a layer of intrigue to neutral options and hot, vibrant summer collections with pinks and reds for the passionate buyer, it is beneficial to reflect on lingerie pieces that really speak to the interests of the individual. Depending on the mood, it does help to mix and match for the sake of variety in this context. 

Trying on the Fitting In-Store 

Unless women have 100% confidence and assurance with the size and specifications of lingerie sets that they have purchased before and they are simply stocking up on additional collections, it pays to try these items in-store. The nature of the material texture and how it interacts with the skin needs testing. The elasticity is another component that participants can overlook before individuals have confidence about the size and the style suitability. 

Reflect on Body Assets to Highlight 

Lingerie sets are not just another piece of underwear for the wardrobe. They are for special occasions and to make women feel sexy and empowered. In this sense, it is worthwhile reflecting on particular body assets that can be highlighted, whether it is the bust or the bottom. Customers should not be worried about showing off or playing it conservative if they don’t want to, trying on thongs, panties, corsets and shelf bras amongst other selections. 

Don’t Just Buy What is Expected or Popular 

When it comes to popular lingerie sets, they will have a natural advantage for consumers because of brand recognition. While this is beneficial regarding quality of material and availability, some women can fall into the trap of just buying what is expected rather than what makes them feel comfortable. This is an exercise that is about the individual and what fits them and their tastes rather than complying with outside expectations, so take that approach into the store or online when making a choice.