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How to Rank Glasses Online By Key Consumer Criteria

Ranking the providers of prescription glasses online can be a tough exercise, particularly for those that don’t have a great amount of experience with the practice.

What actually constitutes value? What features should be included? Where do businesses draw the line and how can they ensure that the item advertised is the same that is delivered?

These questions are all part of the equation, helping to outline the official rankings of the top providers of prescription glasses domestically and overseas.

Let us detail the most important consumer criteria within this particular niche.


Variety of Stylistic Choice

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From blue light filters, scratch-resistant coating and UV protection, a key form of criteria for selecting glasses online through a digital provider is the variety of stylistic choices. Frame styles of any description can include these fun extras, including oval and round shapes to wraps, classic creations, geometric, rectangles and squares. Whether the user will be applying the item in a domestic or commercial setting, to lightweight product lines and metallic frames for durability, the wider the scope of the style, the higher the esteem for the brand.


Following The Measurement Prompts

Even for those who have not received an official prescription by an accredited optometrist, sourcing glasses online becomes far less complicated when users are able to apply their exact measurements. This can be sourced with the pupillary distance within the exact millimeter. It is the distance measured between the centers of the two pupils, a figure that will help to inform shoppers about their suitability for a brand. If there is difficulty in this domain where millimeters cannot be inserted into the site, that should be marked down within the criteria.


Product Warranty

There is no greater protection measure when acquiring glasses online than instituting a product warranty. Whether this is for a short 3-month duration or for a comprehensive 3-5 year period, it is always deemed best practice for a business to mitigate against any type of fault or mishap. If they can repair or replace the goods, it will illustrate that their reverse logistics is first class and they can respond to an inquiry at first opportunity. This is information that should not be considered part of the small print, offering the warranty upfront and without any other conditions.


Recommended By Experts and Consumers

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If constituents have come across a site that sells glasses online thanks to a referral or recommendation, that will go a long way to investing in the brand. Whether it is from a professional optometrist to a friend, family member or colleague to a positive 5-star online rating from other shoppers, it is impossible to ignore good feedback when scouring the market. Especially within the shared economy of 2019 where ratings and reviews are critical avenues to making commercial judgments, this is criteria that should not be ignored.


Various Delivery Methods

The delivery of the product once the order has been made with glasses online is fundamental to the practice of the seller. As a brand, do they have the requisite resources to ensure that the consumer can have the item sent direct to their home, or the flexibility to pickup from a local business or optometrist? This could be considered somewhat niche criteria for some shoppers, but given the sensitive nature of the material and the possibility of the item being damaged in transit, it makes it all the more important to empower users with these different options at their own discretion.



If a business that sells glasses online can tick all of these boxes, they will be in the box seat to win over a healthy portion of the market. Amid all of the glitz and glamour of additional features, a majority of users want a pair that matches their shape, is light to use and looks aesthetically pleasing. Anything else is a bonus.