Six things your solar supplier should stock-

Six things your solar supplier should stock-

Renewable energy is one of the biggest growth industries in the country and hence there are a growing number of solar suppliers popping up in the marketplace.

Whilst for some, taking the plunge into renewable and sustainable energy seems like a big step, once you make the plunge you will find it is really a very simple, not to mention rewarding experience.

Here are six things that your solar supplier should stock which will tell you if they are a serious and reliable retailer for you to give your energy business to.

Mounting frames-

It makes sense. Afterall, you can’t start harnessing renewable and cost-effective energy without panels, and you can’t install a panel without a panel mounting bracket.

Your solar supplier should stock a range of panel mounting brackets including rail tilt legs, quick and easy to install DIY kits, and individual pole mounts.


Solar supplier

Now you’ve got your mounting frames sorted out, it is time to buy some panels. So whether you need thin film flexi panels, mono or poly crystalline panels, or commercial or residential size panels, be sure that your solar supplier has a vast range of stock so that you can customize your power harnessing to your needs.

Deep cycle batteries-

Whether you are looking to use solar power for your caravan, motorhome, a remote communications station, entry gates, lighting or for a comprehensive off the grid self sufficient system, a quality deep cycle battery is going to be essential to your needs.

Your solar supplier should stock a good size range of batteries that are durable, long lasting, and able to stand up to the rigours of working in high temperature, outdoor environments.

Lithium batteries-

Lithium batteries are roughly half the weight of traditional lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries making them ideal for caravans and campers that are running off a solar system.

Your solar supplier should stock a range of lightweight, long life lithium batteries.

Given their ability to deep discharge, they give you more power and longer life per cell.

Also be sure to check out lithium batteries with Bluetooth monitoring capabilities that are in stock at your chosen provider’s company.


An inverter is a type of electrical converter that converts direct current into frequency converting alternating current so that it can be fed back into an electrical grid.

They can be found in both 12 and 24 volt and come in a range of different styles and sizes that utilize the latest technology and software applications, and many come ready and easy to install.
Your solar supplier should not only stock a range of invertors, but also be able to help you out with advice on installation.

Inverter chargers-

Available in both 12 and 24 volts, an inverter charger is your solution for a reliable and continuous back up power source.

They generally come with a two-way function. In inverter mode, they can be used like a typical inverter, converting DC current to AC current for your appliances. In charger mode they can redirect incoming AC power, back into DC power to charge your battery. Most inverter chargers on the market will also be able to pass on an AC current directly to your appliance whilst simultaneously supplying charge.

Your solar supplier should stock a range of inverter chargers to meet your needs as well as all the other products we have listed above.

Hopefully this list has helped you select your solar supplier so you can get started making the most of your renewable energy system today.