Tricks That Some Italian Sofa Stores in Sydney Use To Shortchange Customers

Some Italian sofa stores in Sydney do have a tenancy to shortchange their customers to line their own pockets.

The tricks can be subtle to be hidden in the terms and conditions of the fine print, or with ambiguous marketing rhetoric that is taken on face value.

Then there is the outright illegal maneuvers that sees blatant false advertising pushed to gain those immediate profits and walk away from their responsibilities.

Whilst these outlets are few and far between, there are operators who are willing to put aside any moral code or ethical duty and proceed with shortchanging tricks.


Adding Home Delivery Costs Later

Italian sofas in Sydney should be factoring in home delivery for their sale orders. From coffee tables and benches to intricate bookcases, sofas, cabinets and chairs, the delivery of these items is one of the most crucial domains to protect the integrity of the material without causing any damage in the process. If these fees are not factored into the equation where the drivers are expecting cash payments, that will be a signal that they have shortchanged their customers and violated industry standards.


Faux Leather Sold As “Genuine Leather”

Faux leather goods can be carefully placed within Italian sofas in Sydney, particularly against a handful of authentic leather products to purposely blur the lines. Customers can test these materials by sitting in the seating arrangements and feeling for the bumps and imperfections whilst smelling for that genuine leather aroma. The actual material will soak water as well, a good test to apply to a sample swatch when consumers get the opportunity to test their wears.


Secondhand Goods Sold As “Brand New”

With the aid of some cleaning and polishing, who is to say how Italian sofa stores in Sydney define “brand new”? This is an investment on behalf of the consumer that is intended to offer elegance, prestige and aesthetic beauty for a space but if it is sold under the pretense of being brand new when it is in fact secondhand, that will be a major misgiving on their behalf. It will benefit the organisation if they can leverage secondhand goods and sell them as brand new items fresh from production, so the responsibility can lie with the consumer here to identify if the goods are indeed new.


The “Clearance Sale” Gimmick

Shoppers are attracted to a bargain. There is no escaping this fact and when those letters of “clearance sale” are splashed up on the marketing material in store or online, it becomes an attractive proposition to visit Italian sofa stores in Sydney and score a big win for the home or office. It indicates that the company is keen to move on the stock and have slashed the price down from its original listing. It is worthwhile questioning this approach if the outlets has been in “clearance sale” mode for a number of weeks and months, raising a red flag that they are indeed not clearing anything.



There can be some unfortunate tales that emerge with some Italian sofas in Sydney. This can include sales staff who are paid heavily according to commissions and owners who neglect their staff altogether to use the operation as a front for nefarious activity.

To stay vigilant and respect those luxury Sydney stores that do adhere to sound practice, it is worthwhile taking stock of their online rating and take onboard the reviews and feedback published by other customers. If customers have been shortchanged and fallen victim to false advertising, the department of Fair Trading NSW and the consumer protection agencies (ACCC) are the best bodies to contact and have a complaint officially lodged.