Mural painter painting a school wall

How To Become A Freelance Mural Painter

One of the main ways to get your message reaching far and wide is through using large drawings on the walls in the street or open spaces. This way, people from all walks of life pass by and are attracted to the drawings and the colorful details in the piece of art. Such drawings on the streets are also ways artists use to express and share their art with the rest of the world.

The detailed drawings and paintings on the wall are collectively referred to as murals. The main aim of murals is to portray messages and feelings to a large group of people in a given community. It is an art that incorporates architectural principles of space into a distinctive design. A person who can deliver this kind of art is called a mural painter.

In this article, we mainly focus on ways to become a successful freelance mural painter.

Tips on becoming a Freelance Mural Painter

Learn the Basics

To begin in the art world, you should start with studying the history of art to understand the basics like composition, color usage, and perspective. You can start this in your high school education as the classes expose you to key artists and their creations especially murals. Although you don’t require a high school diploma to become a freelance mural painter. However, learning from high school offers fundamental understanding and skills that an artist needs for success.

Advance your Studies

For you to excel as a freelance mural painter, basic knowledge will not suffice. You need to grow your knowledge by pursuing further art study. Doing this also advances your interest as an artist. You can always take private lessons, college-level art courses, or workshops, or study online and in the library to improve your artistry. What’s more, you can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fine art.

Get Experience

Freelance mural artist

A mural artist doesn’t happen overnight. It takes days, to years of experience to perfect their art. Gaining experience begins with helping a professional mural artist or becoming an intern, tile artist, and much more. The experience garnered can help a great deal in learning special habits of the trade that will come in handy when estimating the number and price of materials required for any given project.


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, a  painter should keep practicing to improve on their skills. You can do this by sketching mural painting designs on sheets of paper or create them with computer software. This is a perfect way to practice your art using different tools and materials used in mural painting. Indoor and outdoor painting is a great way to start.

Create Portfolios

A freelance mural painter is known for their work and experience. That is why it is important to keep your portfolios both online and offline, to display your best work. Many of the possible mural art clients require proof of your artistic ability to employ you as a mural painter, with or without experience.

Get yourself out there

Once you have your experience and constant practice to improve your skills, the world is ready to see your work. Start by searching for jobs physically and online. Many organizations would like to use mural art to portray their messages to the world, and so, you can offer your services as a mural painter to them.

Mural art makes the world a beautiful and better place because they deliver messages and expressions decoratively. That is why the need for mural art is increasing by the day. However, not many people fancy the idea of becoming a freelance mural painter. However, it is a profession that requires a lot of time, emotion, and energy invested in for better results.

Best quilting magazines

How You Can Keep Yourself Busy In The Middle Of A Pandemic By Finding The Best Quilting Magazines

They say that variety is the spice of life but sometimes life really isn’t that spicy and it is more on the mundane side of things. And usually, people have to find that balance between the spicy and mundane so that they are feeling safe and secure but also so that they aren’t feeling too stale. But sometimes things will happen in life that will tip the scale in the other direction and will cause people to also feel a bit of an unbalance within themselves.

When there is a worldwide virus, for instance, it may become illegal in certain places for people to leave their homes (unless it is an emergency or to get food). When this is the case, life can change very drastically and so people will need to make sure that they are keeping themselves preoccupied. So that people can keep their minds from focusing on all of the bad things that are currently going on, here is how you can keep yourself busy in the middle of a pandemic by finding the best quilting magazines.

You can keep yourself busy in the middle of a pandemic by finding the best quilting magazines that will help with inspiration

You can keep yourself busy in the middle of a pandemic by finding the best quilting magazines that will help with inspiration. The funny thing about humans is that they will need a certain amount of comfort and security in their life to feel safe but they will also need a certain level of discomfort too. If people are not trying new things or are not getting out of their comfort zone from time to time, then they can start to feel like their lives are not worthwhile.

Fragment of a quilt

And this is why there is currently a mental health epidemic as people are stuck inside their homes for long periods of time and are not able to get out and experience new things. But the great news is that when people are creative, they are able to give themselves new things that they can do while they are spending time at home. This might not be as exciting as something that people could do when they are able to leave their home but it still may give them that variation that they are so desperately cravings while stuck in the home.

You can keep yourself busy in the middle of a pandemic by finding the best quilting magazines and getting excited when they are delivered

You can keep yourself busy in the middle of a pandemic by finding the best quilting magazines and getting excited when they are delivered. Another reason why people can find themselves feeling so down when they are stuck inside the home is because they don’t know when things are going to return to normal again. They may be struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel and like there really isn’t much for them to look forward to.

But when people sign up to some kind of subscription that can be delivered in the mail, they are able to have that feeling of excitement every time they go out to check their mailbox. And having something even as small as this to look forward to can be such a wonderful thing when it comes to surviving something such as this. Whenever there is a will there is a way and taking on a new hobby can often give people the will they need.