Unusual Uses Of Hypnotherapy

Well, we all have our respective notions when it comes to hypnotherapy! While a lot of us are still paranoid about it, there is the other half which is already out there, making the best use of hypnotherapy! And quite surprisingly, most of these are unusually weird! Let’s take you through some of the strangest applications of hypnotherapy, which you must not have heard till date!


Forensic hypnosis:

In extreme crime cases, where the accused is a tough nut to crack, hypnosis has often come to the rescue. Forensic hypnosis is now officially becoming a part of crime investigation departments, and it really works in cases where the crime leads are decidedly less or not existent at all. It is also used to enhance the memory of the witnesses, so that they are in a proper state of mind to narrate the incident in a better way, with all the details included.


Hypnotic Anaesthesia:


Hypnotherapy has the capacity to induce a partial or complete state of anesthesia without any medical interference! And the patient who is undergoing surgery doesn’t feel the pain at all. This is indeed a fantastic use of hypnotherapy, with the patient being under such degree of trance where he doesn’t even feel the pain of going under the knife!



Hypnosis is quite widely used to get rid of phobias. Phobias are something that we are born with or are a result of some traumatic or bad experiences. And basically, it’s all in mind, which is precisely why hypnotherapy comes in picture. The techniques of hypnotherapy are instrumental when it comes to dealing with phobias, and quite a lot of quirky phobias have successfully been got over within a few hypnotherapy sessions.


Recall memories:

Hypnotherapy can be used to recall past incidents in a very vivid manner. And past doesn’t restrict to only this lifetime – it goes way beyond – to past life! Many people have been able to recover their memories from their previous life too, isn’t it interesting? Not only this, but the people in a hypnotic trance can experience these memories, as they feel that they are consciously present in those events even now!


Bet you didn’t know most of these!